13 foreign words that sound rude in English

If you’re learning a foreign language you’ve probably been in this situation before: getting all excited about coming across a seemingly familiar word only to find out that its actual meaning is very different from what you expected. There’s no doubt that false friends – i.e. words or expressions that have similar forms to the ones in a person’s native language, but different meanings – can be a major minefield for language students.

In some cases, however, false friends can also be a source of great amusement: below are 13 foreign words that may be completely innocuous in their native language, but sound very rude indeed to English ears.

1. Slagroom

Language: Dutch
Translation: whipped cream

2. Biche

Language: French
Translation: doe

3. Fahrt

Language: German
Translation: drive, ride, trip

4. Prick

Language: Swedish
Translation: dot, check, spot

5. Phoque

Language: French
Translation: seal

6. Damit

Language: German
Translation: with it/them, thereupon, thus, so that

7. Kant

Language: Dutch
Translation: side, border

8. Slutspurt

Language: Swedish
Translation: finish

9. Faca

Language: Portuguese
Translation: knife

10. Coque

Language: French
Translation: seashell

11. Dick

Language: German
Translation: thick, fat

12. Drug

Language: Russian
Translation: friend

13. Womit

Language: German
Translation: whereby, with what

Oxford Dictionaries February 24 2016

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