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figure skating

10 words you need to know for figure skating

Figure skating has been featured at the Olympics since 1908, with five separate disciplines—women’s singles, men’s singles, pairs, ice dancing, and, since the 2014 Games, mixed team skating. Here are 10 words you need to know: axel (n.) – a jump in skating from the forward outside blade edge of one skate to the backward outside […]

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A guide to moustache names

A guide to words for moustaches

As November begins, many a man’s thoughts turn to facial hair. Millions all over the world consign the razor blades to the bathroom cupboard and attempt to grow a moustache for a very good cause. But moustaches come in many varieties, so whether you are barely capable of bumfluff or have designs on the soup-strainer, […]

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Mochy, mizzly, or mothery? Ten regional words to describe the weather

The UK is often characterized (particularly in the US) as a damp and windy island with unusually changeable weather. The past week here has done little to dispel this impression, with flash floods in the North and muggy heat here in the South. Last week we asked our Twitter followers to describe the weather in […]

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The language of jazz

Gutbucket, hamfatter, and chops: the language of jazz

We’ve delved into the language of jazz to bring you our favourite words and terms. From bebop to vocalese via the more unexpected gutbucket and hamfatter, you don’t need to be a jive-talking hepcat to enjoy the language associated with this popular musical genre. barrelhouse: an unrestrained and unsophisticated style of jazz music bebop: a type […]

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All hail the superbike!

All hail the superbike!

Congratulations to Carlos Checa, winner of Round 9 of this year’s Superbike World Championship held yesterday at Silverstone Circuit, a relatively short ride north from our base here in Oxford. If you are not a motorcyclist and you have never been to a race meeting, then the excitement and adrenaline generated by the spectacle may […]

Brassies, bunkers, and bogeys: celebrating The Open

Brassies, bunkers, and bogeys

The game of golf has a long established history – the OED records the word as far back as 1457. From the moment when the first ball was addressed and the subsequent first putt was sunk, the English language has been enriched with golfing terms, some of which are illustrated in the accompanying word cloud. […]

Anyone for tennis?

Tennis ball

We are now well and truly into the first week of Wimbledon, the third Grand Slam event of the tennis calendar, and provided the weather holds, a feast of tennis beckons, with a plentiful supply of the traditional strawberries and cream of course. Keeping it real The modern game has its origins in real tennis, a […]

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monarch crown

Rulers and monarchs in ancient and modern times

Raise a class to monarchies past and present with a few appellations for rulers in ancient and modern times. aga (chiefly historical) in Muslim countries, especially under the Ottoman Empire: a military commander or official. Caesar a title of Roman emperors, especially those from Augustus to Hadrian. elector (historical) a German prince entitled to take part […]

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