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Alpine Skiing terms

8 Alpine skiing terms

Are you an avid schussboomer? Whether you get your thrills from whizzing down a snowy mountain on a pair of skis or your favorite part of skiing is sipping hot chocolate in the ski lodge, here are a few words you need to know to understand Alpine skiing during these Winter Olympics. Alpine skiing is […]

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9 words you need to know for freestyle skiing

Freestyle skiing is a ski discipline that incorporates tricks and jumps similar to those found in snowboarding and other sports that have at one time or other been classified as “extreme”.  At the Winter Olympics, 5 freestyle skiing events are competed: aerials, moguls, ski cross, and new to the 2014 Games, half-pipe and slopestyle. Here […]

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Do you know your Nordic skiing terms?

10 Nordic skiing terms

Let’s have a look at a small group of terms from the sport known as Nordic skiing. (Remember, it’s distinct from Alpine skiing.) Nordic skiing is categorized by events in which the heel of the skier’s boot is not fixed to the ski. Competition at the Winter Olympics consists of: cross-country skiing, ski jumping, biathlon […]

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Do you know your speed skating terms?

8 speed skating terms

Speed skating at the Olympics is divided into two separate competitions: long track speed skating (which is usually just called “speed skating”) and short track speed skating. The size of the short track is generally equal to that of an ice hockey rink, while the long track size is more akin to an outdoor track […]

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Do you know your curling terms?

10 curling terms

Curling, for those who don’t know the sport, is one of those curious things that is equally captivating as it is baffling. Although the sport dates back to Medieval Scotland (the first citation for the word curling in the Oxford English Dictionary is from 1638), curling in its current form is a relatively recent phenomenon, […]

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Have a look at our list of ice hockey terms.

10 ice hockey terms

Ice Hockey is the official winter sport of Canada. The first men’s tournament was played in the 1920 Summer Olympics in Antwerp, Belgium, while the first women’s tournament followed almost 80 years later at the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano, Japan. Here are 10 ice hockey terms you need to know: 1. body check (n.) – […]

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12 snowboarding terms you need to know

12 snowboarding terms

Snowboarding made its first appearance at the Winter Olympics in 1998, after over 30 years of growing interest as a competitive sport. It has inherited both athletic and linguistic elements from its older cousins on land, sea, and snow—skateboarding, surfing, and skiing, respectively. Here are 12 words you need to know: 1. big air (n.) A […]

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figure skating

10 words you need to know for figure skating

Figure skating has been featured at the Olympics since 1908, with five separate disciplines—women’s singles, men’s singles, pairs, ice dancing, and, since the 2014 Games, mixed team skating. Here are 10 words you need to know: axel (n.) – a jump in skating from the forward outside blade edge of one skate to the backward outside […]

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