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The word manspreading was popularized by the MTA, although they they never officially used it.

Manspreading: how New York City’s MTA popularized a word without actually saying it

New York City, home of Oxford Dictionaries’ New York offices, has made numerous contributions to the English lexicon through the years, as disparate as knickerbocker and hip hop. One of Gotham’s most recent impacts was the popularization of manspreading, defined in the latest update of Oxford Dictionaries as ‘the practice whereby a man, especially one […]

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There are many odd subway names around the world.

7 subway names explained

Many locals dubbed their underground railways with unique titles. From the Tube in London, to the clockwork orange in Glasgow, find out more about the reasons behind several unusual subway names. London – the Tube The first underground railway in the world was the Metropolitan railway, which began to run between Paddington and Farringdon Street and […]

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