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football terminology quiz

How well do you know football terminology?

Are you man of the match, or merely watching from the sidelines? Click through those eight questions to find out how well you know the language of the beautiful game.

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football team names

The origins of British football team names

Where do British football (or soccer) clubs get their names? The answer may seem straightforward enough, since most clubs are named after the city in which they play: Manchester City, Southampton, Liverpool. But there are exceptions, such as Arsenal, named after the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich, whose workers formed the club in 1886. The Royal […]

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Video: what is the origin of the word ‘soccer’?

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Video: how well do Oxford Dictionaries staff know football?

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a football corpus

Side-netting battlers and giant-killing tacklers: a football corpus

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular words relating to football… The football corpus These word clouds show terms taken from a football-focused sub-corpus of the Oxford English Corpus, which looks at the most common words used in reporting and other journalism about football. We’ve chosen to look particularly at words with […]

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The language of the beautiful game

The language of the beautiful game (just don’t mention the S-word)

If being reminded of how long it is since your country won the World Cup makes you sick as a parrot, you’re not alone – and you’d be using one of the many clichés with a long and glorious tradition in football, regardless of where your footballing loyalty lies. Words of two halves Some quintessentially […]

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