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Names for Santa around the world.

Names for Santa around the world

So who exactly do we mean by ‘Santa’ or ‘St. Nicholas’? It turns out that there are many names for Santa around the world, along with a whole group of other holiday gift-givers. Given his seeming ubiquity during the holiday season, from cameos in Black Friday advertisements to appearances in pop songs, it can feel […]

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Santa Claus

What do you call the man in the red suit?

Last year on the OxfordWords blog, we posted a picture of a rather rotund gentleman, with a white beard and moustache, and some fetching white faux-fur trimmings on his red suit and hat. We asked ‘Who is this?’ and gave you a choice of Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Santa, Saint Nick, Santy, Kris Kringle, or […]

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