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Bovvered, tl;dr, and sleeping with the fishes: an OED update

Hello, and holy moly! this quarter our researchers and editors bring you more than 1,000 new words and senses and nearly 2,000 fully revised or partially expanded entries in an update which ranges from the chocolate Afghan biscuit (a New Zealand speciality, topped with cocoa icing and half a walnut) and a triumphant air punch […]

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swear words abbreviations

Do we still swear? Analysing the f-word and its abbreviations

Swear words occupy a unique role in language: the same word can often be used to express anger, to offend, to emphasize, and even for comedic effect. Although all words have a register dictating how appropriate they are for a given situation

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A plague of initials

There are always initials in the news, but it seems of late that we are suffering from a veritable plague of them (to borrow IMF, FIFA, BBC, NATO, PBS, and the NCAA. Most people probably don’t think too much about such abbreviations. If they do, it will be to classify them as different in some […]

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