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Monarchs, royal language, and coronation chicken: an interactive jubilee image

To celebrate the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II this weekend, we’re exploring the world of royalty, from the life and family of Elizabeth II to the names of monarchs, and even the origin of coronation chicken. We’re also delving into the influence of royalty on the English language, from margherita pizza to corduroy trousers. […]

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Long to reign over us: the language of anniversaries

On 6 February 1952, Queen Elizabeth II began her reign as monarch of the United Kingdom. Although she would not be ceremonially crowned until 2 June 1953 (the same day that news reached London of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s successful ascent of Mount Everest), she was proclaimed queen of the Commonwealth upon the […]

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Rulers and monarchs in ancient and modern times

Raise a class to monarchies past and present with a few appellations for rulers in ancient and modern times. aga (chiefly historical) in Muslim countries, especially under the Ottoman Empire: a military commander or official. Caesar a title of Roman emperors, especially those from Augustus to Hadrian. elector (historical) a German prince entitled to take part […]

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