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Words beginning with wl-

11 words beginning with wl-

You might have thought that there aren’t any words in English that begin with the letters wl-. And, if you were thinking of those in common use today, you would be right. However, as a historical dictionary, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) also contains lots of words which are now obsolete – including a surprising […]

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Oxford English Dictionary OED obsolete words quiz

Can you define these obsolete words?

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is a great source for finding fun, obsolete words. Do you, for instance, know what a lorthew is? Or what it means to be muckibus? Take this quiz and prove you’re a true logophile. Follow the OED on Twitter to learn more weird and wonderful words.

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golden compass

The language of Philip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’

Northern Lights (published in the US as The Golden Compass) was published in 1995, the first novel in Philip Pullman’s hugely successful His Dark Materials trilogy. In the preface, the author tells us that the story is set in a universe ‘like ours, but different in many ways’. One of the ways Pullman achieves this […]

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The forgotten language of fathers

The history of the English language reveals some different and even surprising associations in some rare words and meanings alluding to the paternal parent. Some of these largely forgotten words may be worthy of a revival: why not be a philopater and promise Dad you’ll patrizate? The gold standard Are you father-waur or father-better? These […]

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