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Mochy, mizzly, or mothery? Ten regional words to describe the weather

The UK is often characterized (particularly in the US) as a damp and windy island with unusually changeable weather. The past week here has done little to dispel this impression, with flash floods in the North and muggy heat here in the South. Last week we asked our Twitter followers to describe the weather in […]

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pouring rain

It’s raining; it’s pouring

Oxford Dictionaries provides a lovely vocabulary for describing our recent weather – there are 130 different words in this dictionary that have rain in their definition (and that’s before we get to any other kind of weather). While it may not have the same degree of historical breadth that the OED has, and therefore does […]

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Meteorology itself has its fair share of specialized words

What’s the problem with meteorology?

Why is it that some people have difficulty in saying certain words? My grandmother could never pronounce ‘helicopter’ (it always came out as ‘helicotter’) and a friend’s wife could never manage ‘linoleum’ (‘liloleum’). I’ve found an extraordinary number of people have problems with ‘meteorology’. Even my adult-education students invariably had difficulty. Tell them to think […]

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