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What Katy wrote: terms for left-handed people

As my fellow mollydookers will know, the world is a tough place. From can openers (talk about can’t openers) to scissors, and hockey sticks to spiral-bound notepads, some things are just plain awkward. Left itself comes from the Old English lyft, ‘weak’ (the left-hand side being regarded as the weaker side of the body) and, […]

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‘Left’: a reliable U.S. political term

The word ‘left’ has invited learned commentary, not least in Anatoly Liberman’s blog ‘The Sinister Influence of the Left Hand’. As Liberman shows, by reputation the word suffers in comparison with the ‘dexterous’ word ‘right’. Origin of the term ‘left’ Those on the political right are happy with this, and contribute to the process. The […]

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North and South

When south is north and right is left

Last week I drove north from Oxford for two whole days and arrived at the beautiful south. This is not because I’d done a Francis Drake but because one of the very most northerly parts of the island where I live is called ‘south land’ or ‘Sutherland’. I’d have called it something less confusing but […]

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