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What is your least favourite English word? With our #OneWordMap you can now let the whole world know.

#OneWordMap: mapping the world’s least favourite words

Update: We regret to inform users that due to severe misuse we have had to remove this feature from our website. What if everybody in the world could answer the same question with a single word? It could be almost any question, so long as it could be answered with one word – revealing trends and […]

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song map

Map: many ‘songs’ for the Eurovision Song Contest

On 23 May, the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 will be taking place in Vienna, Austria – and celebrating the 60th time the competition has taken place. We’re celebrating by looking at translations of the word song in the languages of each country that is participating in this year’s contest – which includes, for the first […]

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red map

Infographic: words for ‘red’ around the world

We’re exploring translations of red in other languages: from Afrikaans to Icelandic, click through our interactive map to trace how to say red around the world.

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gratitude map

Obrigado! Takk! Di ou mèsi! How to say ‘thank you’ around the world

How many ways can we say ‘thank you’? In English alone, there are plenty. The Oxford English Dictionary first cites the simplest, thanks, in Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost in 1598. The OED also treats us to some oldies (gramercy [c. 1330], thank thee [1631], thankee [1824]) and contextualizes some goodies (British colloquialism cheers stumbled out […]

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