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11 ways to say ‘mischief’

Mischief Night – the night before Halloween, celebrated with practical jokes and (often to the dismay of the community) minor vandalism – goes by many names, including Goosey Night, Cabbage Night, Gate Night, and Devil’s Night. So what better way to recognize this evening of hijinks than with a list of mischief synonyms? 1. funny business […]

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Video: what is the word for a fear of…?

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Halloween Pumpkin

Quiz: how well do you know Mischief Night?

As we all know, Halloween is really more about treats than tricks. The “tricking” half of the holiday has come to be celebrated by practical jokesters on a different date altogether–Mischief Night. Think you’re a master prankster? Take our quiz and find out!

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Halloween words have both British and American origins.

British and American Halloween words

The holiday of Halloween has its roots in the British Isles; the word itself (short for All Hallows’ Eve, the night before All Saints’ Day on November 1), originated in Scotland. Nonetheless, it was in North America that disparate regional customs were amalgamated into the celebration we recognize today. The vocabulary of the holiday reflects […]

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Scarecrows: those anthropomorphic (not avian) symbols of the season

The vestiges of Halloween linger in various front yards and on the occasional porch step, but mostly by now the skeletons and witches have retreated into storage along with the gossamer spider webs, howling mummies, and detached body parts that adorned our neighborhoods so cheerfully in our annual salute to October 31. A contraction of […]

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