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Here is a collection of some of the commonly confused words that you often encounter.

31 commonly confused words to watch out for

Let’s be honest: English can be a really confusing language. There are pairs upon pairs of words that seem specially designed to torment – sometimes differing by just a single letter – it’s not just language learners who have to be wary but also native speakers of English. Here is a collection of some of the […]

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Flaunt or flout those peacock feathers?

Flaunt or flout?

Have you ever had a moment’s pause about whether to use flaunt or flout… and then plumped for the wrong one? You may be confused, but you’re not alone! The erroneous heading above illustrates the misunderstanding that many people experience over the correct meanings of these words. However, while flaunt and flout sound fairly similar […]

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