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The West Wing once claimed that there were only three English words beginning with 'dw'. We disagree!

Quiz: words beginning with ‘dw’

“There are three words in the English language, and three words only, that begin with the letters ‘dw’,” claims President Bartlet in The West Wing. The three that the show proceeds to list – dwindle, dwarf, and dwell – are certainly the most common. Each of these has related forms (e.g. dwarfling), but there are […]

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Embrace your geekness

The Oxford Dictionaries blog has looked at the word geek before. Of course it has: we openly admit to being word geeks here at Oxford Dictionaries, after all. To recap: geek has seen a transformation in meaning over the last couple of decades. Formerly a cruel label attached to clever but socially awkward people, geeks […]

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