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‘Advise’ and ‘advice’: what’s the difference?

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‘License’ or ‘licence’: what’s the difference?

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confused man in a paper bag

Quiz: can you tell apart these confusing words?

There are dozens and dozens of pairs of words in English that are easy to mix up. Test your skills with our confusing words quiz, which covers all of your gnarly pairs, from affect / effect to defuse / diffuse and many, many more! If you find yourself lost, you might want to check out our list […]

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Video: practice or practise?

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Dessert island

5 cartoons of confused words

Do you like walking around with bear feet? What would you take with you to a dessert island? There are many words in the English language that sound the same, but have very different meanings. These cartoons will show you just how awkward it can get with even the slightest spelling mistake… Bear feet or bare feet? Bear and bare are often confused […]

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Video: ‘loose’ or ‘lose’?

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principal principle

Quiz: principal or principle?

Do you sometimes confuse principal and principle? Test yourself with our short quiz. Find out how to use principal and principle correctly in a sentence.

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Video: bare or bear?

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