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Cryptology: the art and science of keeping words secure

As a cryptologist (alternatively cryptographer), what greater important responsibility could I possibly bear than that of keeping words secure? Cryptology is sometimes defined as the art of writing and solving codes. I am going to contest that on a number of fronts, not the least being that cryptology is far more important to all of […]

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Hip-hop language

Ghost like Swayze: the use of ‘ghost’ in hip-hop

As we rolled on, I seen the patrol on creep, so we got ghost. —“Alwayz into Somethin’” , from N.W.A.’s Efil4zaggin (1991) For me, this lyric represents one of the great potentials of hip-hop. An otherwise unremarkable sentiment, when channelled through the mind and mouth of a deft MC, can become something poetic and memorable. […]

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