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Weather idioms: rain

There are plenty of idioms in English that mention the weather – it is, after all, a British stereotype that we can’t hold a conversation without addressing the weather (and, no, it’s not always raining). That national obsession has influenced expressions like it never rains but it pours (misfortunes tend to arrive all at the […]

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There are pig idioms in English and other languages

Pig idioms and expressions

Before I get onto examples, it’s worth noting that most pig idioms and expressions are derogatory.  If you accuse someone of eating like a pig, sweating like a pig, or being as happy as a pig in muck, then not only are you playing fast and loose with the norms of delicate conversation, but also you […]

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The future of language: South African English in Zoo City

South African English in Zoo City

Earlier this year South African author Lauren Beukes won the prestigious Arthur C. Clarke Award for science fiction for her second novel Zoo City. It was a big moment for the author as it puts her in the company of illustrious recent winners such as, among others, China Miéville (who has won it three times […]