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business meeting

Business jargon in the mainstream

The business world has always had an influence on language, ranging from contributions like best practices and bandwidth, and this new words update highlights several words entering from the languages of business, corporate, and marketing. solopreneur As you might be able to guess, solopreneur refers to a ‘person who sets up and runs a […]

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“Si jeunesse savait; si vieillesse pouvait. If youth knew; if age could.” - Henri Estienne  (1531–1598)

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Video: is ‘snuck’ a real word?

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may I quote you on that

Quiz: May I Quote You on That?

Have a try at answering our selection of questions from Stephen Spector’s May I Quote You on That? A Guide to Grammar and Usage. Spector’s book uses illustrative quotations from famous writers, historical figures, and celebrities to teach standard English usage and grammar.

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Video: why do we use ‘first, second…’ and not ‘firstly, secondly…’?

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12 ways to call someone a fool

Do you have a foolish person in your life? Have you been searching for the perfect word to capture their sheer folly? Look no further than our list here; we have compiled some of the best words out there to describe your daft acquaintance. 1. dunce Poor John Duns Scotus … The followers of Scottish theologian […]

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"Less is more." - Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886 - 1969)

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What Katy wrote: terms for left-handed people on Left Handers Day

As my fellow mollydookers will know, the world is a tough place. From can openers (talk about can’t openers) to scissors, and hockey sticks to spiral-bound notepads, some things are just plain awkward. Left itself comes from the Old English lyft, ‘weak’ (the left-hand side being regarded as the weaker side of the body) and, […]

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