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Canadian flag

Quiz: how good is your Canadian English?

Although Canadian English is often lumped together with American English, Canadian English stands apart as its own distinct variety of English. One of the ways that it stands apart is its vocabulary, which includes several borrowings from Quebecois French. Take the quiz below to see how well you know your Canadian English!

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Quiz: it’s or its?

Do you know when to use its and when to use it’s? If you’ve learned the rules to distinguish them, you should ace our quiz – test yourself and find out!

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Quiz: which opposite came first?

Quiz: which opposite came first?

There are plenty of words which come in pairs, as it were, so that knowing the definition of one will almost certainly mean you know the definition of the other. If you’ve understood organized, you’ll also be able to work out what disorganized means; the definition of hygienic leads neatly to the definition of unhygienic, […]

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8 word facts to help you win quizzes

If you’re a fan of quizzes, you’ve probably been in the situation of trying to remember or work out facts about language – and we’re here to help. Here are 9 language facts to help you win quizzes…

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Quiz: ‘compliment’ or ‘complement’?

Compliment and complement are pronounced in the same way, but they have very different meanings. Take our quiz to find out if you can tell these two tricky words apart. Read more about the difference between compliment and complement.

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theater curtain

How well do you know the language of theatre?

All the world may be a stage, but that doesn’t mean that everyone speaks the language. Sometimes theatre can seem like its own little world, with a specialized vocabulary and coded references. (What do they mean by ‘Scottish play’?!) Check out our video to see how people on the streets in New York City did, […]

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Thomas Hardy

Which character from Thomas Hardy’s novels are you?

Whether you’ve been enjoying the recent film of Far From the Madding Crowd or have been a life-long fan of The Mayor of Casterbridge, a question has probably crossed your mind: ‘which Thomas Hardy character am I most like?’ Wonder no longer; take our quiz and discover the answer. Find out whether you’re headstrong Michael […]

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May WOTD quiz

Vocabulary quiz: how well do you know May’s Words of the Day?

Cajole, camarilla, and parergon: do you remember last month’s Words of the Day? Take our vocabulary quiz to test your knowledge. Not yet signed up to our free Word of the Day service? Click here to receive your daily word.

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