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How well do you know literary words?

A quiz of literary words

Poetry is traditionally characterized by the use of a more elevated, literary language intended to evoke emotion in the reader. Words like beseech or Rhadamanthine suggest a strongly poetic tone — but do you also know what they mean? See whether you can match the literary words with their correct definitions in the quiz below.

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Antrim Coast and Glens

How good is your Northern Irish English?

Whether you’re a frequent visitor to Northern Ireland or have never been there, you should take time out of your day to see how good your Northern Irish English is. Those of you who’ve lived there have a distinct advantage… but anybody can enjoy trying to identify mutton dummy, oxtercog, cat melodeon, and more.  

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National Year 2 Grammar Test

Can you beat a primary school pupil at a grammar test?

Do you know as much about grammar as a 7 year old? Try this quiz to see whether you could pass the UK National Year 2 Grammar Test. This quiz first appeared on the Global OUP website. 

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The Indian national flag. Lots of languages and dialects are spoken in India, including Indian English.

How good is your Indian English?

The English language, as spoken around the world, has several borrowings from languages native to India, including Hindi (‘dinghy’), Gujarati (‘bungalow’), Sanskrit (‘jungle’), among many other examples. Indian English, obviously, has even more of these types of terms. It also includes many formations of English words, as opposed to these loanwords. That means that Indian English […]

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Shakespeare and money

Quiz: Shakespeare and money

Shakespeare’s characters often spoke about money – but do you know who said what? Take our quiz and see how well you do…   William Shakespeare was an English dramatist, poet, and actor who is often considered the greatest writer in the English language. His vast collection of work includes sonnets, comedies, historical plays, great […]

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Quiz: Shakespeare and sex

Quiz: Shakespeare and sex

Look, we all remember the days when you’d read something saucy in Shakespeare and snigger to yourself in the classroom. We can all be mature about this, and admit that the Bard could be bawdy: there is plenty of sex in Shakespeare. But who said what? We’ve taken some of Shakespeare’s more notorious quotations about […]

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blurry british flag

Quiz: British phrases to confuse Americans

If you’ve watched non-Americans get confused while trying our recent ‘American phrases to confuse Brits‘ quiz, now it’s time to turn the tables. Even Anglophiles might struggle with some of the more unusual or idiomatic expressions Brits use in everyday life – particularly those with obscure origins. Pleased with your score? Disappointed? Why not have […]

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Highland cow

How well do you know Scottish words and phrases?

Scotland is observing St Andrew’s Day today — the feast day of their patron saint. Let’s celebrate with them by testing our knowledge of the Scottish tongue:

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