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Which Harry Potter character are you?

Which Harry Potter character are you?

The Harry Potter universe keeps expanding, with 2016 seeing both a film of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and a stage play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.  J.K. Rowling is nothing if not a linguistic innovator, and we’ve already explored the Harry Potter books’ linguistic innovation and use of Latin. Given Rowling’s love of language, both […]

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There are plenty of supernatural elements in Shakespeare's plays

Quiz: Shakespeare and the supernatural

Shakespeare might have had a fondness for kings and unlikely coincidences featuring twins, but he also wasn’t averse to a ghost every now and then. There are plenty of supernatural elements in his plays, from revenge hauntings to magic spells and the occasional statue that comes to life. We’ve taken some of Shakespeare’s ghostliest lines […]

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books with numbers in the title

Quiz: books with numbers in the title

If you’re a book lover, it’s quite possible that, at some point, people have assumed that you’re into words and not numbers. Well, plenty of people like mathematics and literature — and even if you largely count with your fingers, or use the calculator on your phone more than anything else, then you’ve probably found […]

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Shakespeare last lines

Quiz: last lines in Shakespeare

Famous last words! This quiz will test how well you remember the last lines of Shakespeare’s heroes and heroines – or villains and anti-heroes, perhaps. How well do you remember the words spoken when characters die – either at their own hands or the hands of others? Take our quiz and find out. William Shakespeare […]

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New Zealand English

How good is your New Zealand English?

Do you know your hangi from your hongi? New Zealand English is the latest in our series of quizzes testing your knowledge of World Englishes: we’ve asked about British, American, Indian, Australian, South African, Northern Irish, and Canadian English, so it’s about time that we paid a visit to our Kiwi cousins. Whether you’ve visited New Zealand or […]

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The Merchant of Venice

Quiz: how well do you know Shakespeare’s language?

Do you fancy yourself something of a Shakespeare scholar? Can you separate falchion, scimitar, and poniard? Our friends in Children’s Books have put together a tough little quiz about the language of Shakespeare, so we wanted to share it and test OxfordWords readers. How will you do? William Shakespeare was an English dramatist, poet, and actor who is often […]

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Complete the title

Quiz: can you complete the book title?

We assume that you love words, and that probably means you love books. It’s time to put that love to the test: can you complete the titles of these novels? We’ve chosen a selection from across the decades, mostly by British and American authors. Take the quiz, challenge your bibliophile friends, and let us know how you […]

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Shakespeare celebrities

Quiz: which Shakespeare plays are these celebrities quoting?

Many of the phrases that Shakespeare created in his plays have entered common parlance, whether or not we recognize their origins. That being the case, we took to Twitter to see which celebrities and public figures were quoting Shakespeare… although we suspect they might not have realized they were doing so. Match the tweets to […]

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