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The West Wing once claimed that there were only three English words beginning with 'dw'. We disagree!

Quiz: words beginning with ‘dw’

“There are three words in the English language, and three words only, that begin with the letters ‘dw’,” claims President Bartlet in The West Wing. The three that the show proceeds to list – dwindle, dwarf, and dwell – are certainly the most common. Each of these has related forms (e.g. dwarfling), but there are […]

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Shakespeare often refers to theatres, acting, and performance in his plays.

Quiz: Shakespeare and the theatre

You’ll hopefully have seen at least one play by Shakespeare in a theatre, at some point in your life – but did you know how often Shakespeare refers to theatres, acting, and performance in his plays? It adds a layer of amusement to a scene, acknowledging that the audience is seeing a play being performed, without […]

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Book lovers everywhere, can you pick the odd one out in our book quiz?

Book quiz: odd one out

Every day is Book Lovers’ Day, we’d argue, and to celebrate, we’ve taken a broad look across lots of authors and genres to come up with an ‘odd one out’ quiz. In each question, three of the titles were written by one author, while the fourth was written by somebody else. Can you identify which […]

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Twitter acronyms

Quiz: Twitter acronyms

If you live your best life on social media, there’s a possibility you’ll ace our quiz on Twitter acronyms and initialisms. If you’re still a bit cautious around social media, then some of these might trip you up… While you’ll see these all over the Internet, their popularity on Twitter means we didn’t have to look […]

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book hero quiz

Book quiz: name the fictional hero

Heroes come in many shapes and sizes in novels – we’re using the term loosely to cover those you love, those you hate, and those you love to hate. Diving into various different fictional worlds, we’re challenging you: do you know the names of fictional main men from novels across the decades? Take our quiz and […]

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Brush up on your knowledge of music terminology with this short quiz.

How well do you know music terminology?

Glastonbury may be over, but the festival summer has just started. Brush up on your knowledge of music terminology with this short quiz.

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Quiz: Shakespeare in pop songs

Quiz: Shakespeare in pop songs

If music be the food of love, play on, as Shakespeare once said – or had Orsino say in Twelfth Night, at least. (He did go on to add that he wanted ‘excess of it, that, surfeiting, / The appetite may sicken, and so die’, of course, but let’s omit that bit for the moment.) Shakespeare not […]

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football terminology quiz

How well do you know football terminology?

Are you man of the match, or merely watching from the sidelines? Click through those eight questions to find out how well you know the language of the beautiful game.

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