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Bob Marley lyrics discuss many aspects of Jamaician political life and the Rastafari beliefs.

Understand Bob Marley lyrics with these 14 words

Despite being one of the most popular musical artists of the 20th century, the actual lyrical content of Bob Marley’s output may be surprisingly obscure to many of his listeners. The average music listener is probably familiar with classic Marley tracks like “Jamming”, “One Love”, and “No Woman, No Cry”, although they may not be […]

Martin Sheen's character in the West Wing, President Jed Bartlet, has a notable example of Hollywood Latin

Latin in Hollywood

Although certain Latin words and phrases have been accepted wholesale into English – think of de facto, per capita, magnum opus, etc. (et cetera is another one!) – Latin is still capable of providing a certain gloss to a statement. When a politician talks about the vox populi rather than the ‘voice of the people’ […]

Have a look at some of the best-known New York City words

The words of New York City

The City that Never Sleeps! Gotham! The Big Apple! The Capital of the World! The Five Boroughs! The City So Nice They Named It Twice! New York City is a city of not just many nicknames, but also of words and phrases. As not only one of the world’s major financial centers, but also a […]

New York City food slang

How well do you know New York City food slang?

Home to some of the world’s most famous eateries and top-ranked restaurants, New York City has long had a love affair with food, a fact laid bare by the new reference work Savoring Gotham: A Food Lover’s Companion to New York City.

predict synonyms

9 synonyms for ‘predict’

Do you know how the new year is going to turn out? If you are of the prediction-making mindset, have a look at our ‘predict’ synonyms to spice up your prognostications for what will come to pass in 2016. Trawling the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) and OxfordDictionaries.com, we came up with some fun, alternative options. […]

Bond villain Blofeld and his cat

11 acronyms that are actually ‘backronyms’

Everyone knows what an acronym is – an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word, like ‘NASA’ or ‘NATO’ – but not all know what a ‘backronym’ is. While acronyms are formed from phrases or names that exist beforehand, a backronym is an acronym deliberately created to suit […]


11 ways to say ‘mischief’

Mischief Night – the night before Halloween, celebrated with practical jokes and (often to the dismay of the community) minor vandalism – goes by many names, including Goosey Night, Cabbage Night, Gate Night, and Devil’s Night. So what better way to recognize this evening of hijinks than with a list of mischief synonyms? 1. funny business […]

three dogs

8 great band name origins

One thing that rock bands are known for are their creative names. There’s the legendary name of Southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd, named for Florida high school gym teacher Leonard Skinner who taught several of the band’s members, and who was remembered for enforcing the high school’s rule about no long hair on men. There’s […]