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Can you define these obsolete words?

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is a great source for finding fun, obsolete words. Do you, for instance, know what a lorthew is? Or what it means to be muckibus? Take this quiz and prove you’re a true logophile. Follow the OED on Twitter to learn more weird and wonderful words.

Italian dish with pasta and tomatoes.

17 Italian pronunciations to help you avoid awkward dinner dates

For English speakers, navigating a menu in an Italian restaurant can present some difficulties. If you’re looking to avoid la-SAG-nuh or chowing down on far-FALL, then consider taking a listen to our handy list of Italian food pronunciations. 1. bolognese This refers to a dish made with bolognese sauce, a ‘sauce of ground beef, tomato, […]

Video: how should you use ‘hopefully’?

South African English

How good is your South African English?

We’ve tested your knowledge of British English, American English, and Australian English – but how good is your South African English? You might know the word lekker or have heard the melodious toot of a vuvuzela, or have discovered that just now and now-now don’t really mean ‘now’… but how far does your knowledge of […]


Istanbul, not Constantinople: 13 cities that changed their names

Throughout history, many cities changed their names. Some did it for political reasons; others hoped to gain an economic advantage from it. Looking at a modern map of the world, you’d probably have a hard time finding Edo, Istropolis, or Gia Dinh. That is because these places are today known as Tokyo, Bratislava, and Ho […]

Video: is it wrong to use double negatives?

“We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” - Joan Didion  (1934– )


OED appeals: can you help us find earlier evidence of the term ‘lock-in’?

Can you help us? OED Appeals is a dedicated community space on the OED website where OED editors solicit help in unearthing new information about the history and usage of English. Part of the process of revising words and phrases for the OED involves searching for evidence of a word’s first recorded use in English, […]

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