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Husky is a notable contraction word.

6 hidden contraction words

We’re all familiar with contractions. Plenty are signalled by an apostrophe and others don’t hide their origins with any notable ingenuity – such as I’m, you’re, they’ll etc. But some everyday words have dispensed with markers of their shortenings, to the extent that you may well not have realized that they ever started as anything […]

Not French

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Desert and dessert

9 awkward mistakes your spellchecker will miss

Your spellchecker cannot always save you. After all, one of the gimmicks of the English language is the fact that you can switch two or three letters around and end up with a different word. Say you’re trying to type the word being and you muddle a few letters: benig may not be a word, […]

There are lots of difficult words to spell in English - the word 'recommend' is among them.

23 difficult words to spell

Of course, not everyone spells these words wrong – but lots of people do! Let’s take a look at a few words that are always putting our spelling to the test. From sneaky silent letters to devious double letters, English sure doesn’t make spelling easy. 1. weird (wierd) Breaking everyone’s favourite spelling rule – ‘i’ […]

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