Jenny List

Jenny List was an Online Development Specialist for Oxford Dictionaries.

Articles by Jenny List


Of course ‘clownvestite’ is a word!

Part of my job involves finding the extent to which Oxford Dictionaries is being linked to from other websites. To perform this task I query the search engines, and to see how you use our dictionary I visit a proportion of the websites linking to that I find. A significant proportion of inbound links to a […]


The F-word: how often do people really look it up?

If you are a seasoned OxfordWords reader, you may be familiar with our periodic search monitor pieces. These are interactive tag clouds, each showing a month’s snapshot of the relative frequency with which you, the users of, access different words. The words and ranks you see are drawn from our web statistics package and […]

Häagen Dazs store and logo in Mall of America

Diacritics? They’re just passé!

There is a moment in the life of every British 12-year-old in the first year of secondary school (that’s high school, for non-Brits), when, sitting down in front of their French teacher for the first time, they are introduced to the mysteries of accented letters. The twenty-six letters that have served them so well for […]