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The 2011 Academy Awards® take place this Sunday

The language of the 2011 Academy Awards

The 2011 Academy Awards® take place this Sunday, the culmination of months of speculation about who will wear what, who will have the hardest time with the TelePrompTer, and, of course, who will win. But regardless of who goes home with an Oscar—whether it’s Natalie Portman for playing a tormented ballerina or Annette Bening for […]


Leggings, jeggings, and meggings (oh my!)

Fashion has always inspired innovation—on the runway and in the dictionary. With the autumn 2011 collections likely to be wowing the fashionistas this month during New York’s and London’s Fashion Weeks (good fashion is, after all, ahead of its time), here are the top twenty most outrageously stylish English words. As Mark Twain once said, […]