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The love that doesn’t quite know how to speak its name: the nomenclature of bisexuality

If homosexuality is, as the poem has it, the love that dare not speak its name, then I suspect that bisexuality is the love that doesn’t quite know how to speak its name, daring or not. Bi chic, or: How to make a bisexual straight The problem starts with the fact that many people see […]

Buffy Speak has become an important part of the English language

The language of Buffy Speak

There are certain words and phrases that a Buffy fan recognizes instantly. There is, to begin with, the professional jargon of Slayerdom. It is the duty and occupation of the Slayer, or Chosen One, to slay, by staking, vampires. The Slayer is trained and assisted in this task by her Watcher, under the aegis of […]