Anne Sexton

Anne Sexton

Anne Sexton is a freelance journalist based in Ireland. She writes extensively on sexuality, feminism, culture, and literature.

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Feminist language: 5 terms you need to know

The film star Emma Watson gave a speech at the United Nations this September to launch “He For She” — a campaign asking men to get involved in the fight for gender equality. The speech drew approbation and ire in equal measure. Vanity Fair called it a “game changer” but fourth wave feminists were less […]

United Nations International Women's Day rally

Why we should care about language and gender

With International Women’s Day being celebrated today, journalist and writer Anne Sexton looks at the long and inglorious history of the word ‘slut’, and explains why gender-neutral language is still a hot topic. Is language partially responsible for gender inequality, Miss? In February 2012 the French government banned the term of address mademoiselle from all official […]