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Oxford Dictionaries Community

Introducing the Oxford Dictionaries Community

What is the Community?

Have you ever wondered how to use the Oxford comma, or what the French equivalent of Bob’s your uncle is? Do you want to discuss selfie, semi-colons, and subclauses? Are there, in fact, questions about language you’ve always wanted to ask, and linguistic topics you’ve been longing to discuss?

As you might have noticed, we recently launched the Oxford Dictionaries Community – an online space where you can share your views and opinions with fellow language-lovers from across the globe, and get answers to your language questions from other members of the Community.

The Community is your space, so we encourage you to ask any and all questions you have about language, grammar, and practical writing. With discussions ranging from new words and word origins to tips on learning other languages, take advantage of the Community’s expertise to find the answers to all your language questions and share your knowledge in return.

People are talking…

The Community has started talking, and there are interesting language discussions already taking place. Here are just some of the conversations you can join:

Or, of course, you can start a new topic on any language-related issue that interests you.

Getting started

There are six language boards you can post in, from spelling and pronunciation to translation and language-learning, or you can suggest a new board. If you already have an Oxford Dictionaries account you can chat with the Community  straight away, or you can register quickly and for free.

Help with registering and logging-in

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