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Charlotte Brontë and the OED

From cottage-garden to Wild West: Charlotte Brontë and the OED

Charlotte Brontë is renowned around the world for her 1847 novel Jane Eyre. With an intelligent and impassioned heroine, a handsome and ruthless hero, and (spoiler alert) something unexpected in the attic, the book has captured the imagination of readers for generation after generation. Less widely known, but still much-loved by many readers, are her three other novels The Professor, Shirley, and Villette. With these books under her belt, it’s perhaps unsurprising that Charlotte Brontë had a way with words. Her writings currently appear as the earliest supporting evidence for 150 words and senses in the Oxford English Dictionary, from the unprogressive ‘men’s work’ to the surprising ‘Wild West’. Here are some of the most interesting…

 cottage-garden raised eyebrow panther-like men's work lightning-swiftnow now

kitchen chair wild west

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