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Synonyms for talkative person

56 synonyms for ‘talkative person’

By popular demand of our Twitter followers, we wanted to share synonyms for ‘talkative person’ from the Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary.

Chatterer Wordle

The Historical Thesaurus charts the semantic development of the English language, and is the first comprehensive historical thesaurus produced for any language. With 800,000 words and meanings, in 235,000 entry categories, the thesaurus offers a complete sense inventory for English. You can read more about the Historical Thesaurus on the OED site.

When we read through the historical synonyms for ‘talkative person’, we knew we’d have to share them with our blog readers. From prattle-basket to languager, nimble-chops to jawsmith, we’d love to know which of the terms in our word cloud above takes your fancy. So, if you’re a bablatrice, a blateroon, or a bletherskate, then exercise your talkative nature and tell us your favourites in the comment section!

babbler bablatrice bagpipe blabberer
blateroon blatterer bletherskate burbler
cackler carper chaterestre chatterbox
chatterist chattermag chewet clack
clatterer clatterfart ear-basher flibbertigibber
full-mouth gasbag jackdaw jangler
jangleress jawsmith languager mambler
nimble-chops overtalker palaverer parakeet
patterer pie piet prate-apace
pratepie prater prate-roast prattle-basket
prattle-box prattler rattletrap roit
talker tattle-monger tongue-pad tonguester
whatter whitter whitter-whatter wind-bag
woofer worder wordster yammerer

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