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OED quarterly update: March 2014

The latest update to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) saw our team of lexicographers continue their revision of the dictionary, which involves adding new words and phrases, as well as updating existing entries. If you’re interested in why we’re revising the OED and the work it entails, you can find out more here.

This quarter’s update includes the addition of over 900 new words, phrases, and senses, many of which appear in entries fully updated for the first time since the OED’s original edition. Some words, like book, death, and honey, have now been expanded by dozens of new items. Learn more about the additions, including DWM (dead white male), empath, and herogram, by reading Katherine Connor Martin’s summary of the update on the OED site.

Below is a selection of words added to the OED in this update. Click on the images to be taken to the dictionary entry where you can read the definition and discover the date of the first-known usage of the word, which may be earlier than you expect (hero’s welcome dates to 1684, whilst bestie is over 20 years old, dating to 1991). These entry pages have been made available to non-subscribers.

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