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8 words which share a birthday with the OED

On this day in 1884, the first instalment of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) was published. Containing 352 pages of dictionary entries, it covered the words from A to Ant. 44 years later the first edition of the OED was finished, comprising 125 of these fascicles. To celebrate this 130th anniversary of the OED, we’ve drawn together some words which share a birthdate of 1884. The words below all have a current first known usage dating to 1884. Click through to see the full entry (links will be made available to non-subscribers of the OED for the next 3 days).

urbanite, n.2

ornithophily, n.

pacemaker, n.

manicured, adj.

Brit, n.3

gangster, n.

morning-after, adj.

rain check, n.


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