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‘Selfie’: the interplanetary Word of the Year 2013

When we announced the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2013 as ‘selfie’ earlier this week, we knew the word had international relevance (one of the reasons why we thought it merited the title of Word of the Year), but we didn’t know it had interplanetary reach until we saw this tweet from @MarsCuriosity showing the Rover performing a selfie.

2013-11-21 13_41_04-Twitter _ MarsCuriosity_ Oh, @OxfordWords... Need an ...

The term seems to have infiltrated a number of different spheres, from nature to gaming and fashion to film, as the below selection of ‘selfie’ tweets in honour of Word of the Year indicate. The question is, now that ‘selfie’ has reached the planet Mars, further than any man or woman, where else can it go?

2013-11-21 13_45_04-Twitter _ TheAcademy_ Congratulations, _selfie_, ... 2013-11-21 14_28_45-Twitter _ NintendoAmerica_ “#Selfie” is @OxfordWords’ ... 2013-11-21 14_27_52-Twitter _ wwf_uk_ #Selfie named @OxfordWords ...

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