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A TV quiz (for viewers like you)

The broadcast of the Primetime Emmy Awards, usually in late September each year, is the preeminent event in the US to celebrate and honor the great moments and performances of the previous television season.

It’s also a prime opportunity to participate in the regular roasting of an awards show telecast by the viewing audience. Live-blogging and live-tweeting have become popular mediums for discussions about the Emmys—the surprises! the upsets! the unscripted moments! the fashion!—while pre-broadcast speculation usually involves questions like: will the host actually be funny this year? Will the host insult someone famous? How many award winners will be played off the podium mid-acceptance speech by the orchestra conductor?

This year, we’re jumping on the Emmy-spirit bandwagon by inviting you to explore the origins and use of language in television. Test your knowledge of classic and popular TV by taking our quiz below…

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