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Alan Partridge in the OED

Alan Partridge in the OED

There are many places you might expect to find a quotation from Alan Partridge – perhaps on the North Norfolk Digital website or in the Norwich Evening News expressing his views on the pedestrianization of the city centre – but the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is probably not the first place you’d look. However, quotations from Linton Travel Tavern’s best customer feature in not one but seven OED entries. Back of the net.

Partridge, who expressed surprise that a Currys shop assistant didn’t have ‘a basic grasp of Latin’ and who chastised his friend Michael for ‘hanging around with a man who uses a collective term for a single vehicle’, would no doubt be proud to be a part of the historical record of the English language. Here are the seven entries in the OED which feature quotations from the self-proclaimed national treasure.

belter, n.

cack, n. and adj.

to let the dog see the rabbit in dog, n.1

Irish coffee in Irish, adj. (and adv.) and n.

mentalist, n. and adj.

pirated, adj.

rubber johnny in rubber, n.1


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