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Mother's Day limerick

Mother’s Day limerick competition: the winner

Thank you very much to everyone who entered our recent competition, where we asked you to compose a limerick to celebrate Mother’s Day (13 May in the US and various countries around the world) since it coincided with Limerick Day this year. This competition closed on Wednesday 29 May.

We had many exceptionally good entries, from amusing to poignant and everywhere in between. After careful consideration, we are awarding the iPod Touch to Steve Mainwaring, who entered the limerick below:

My Mum’s now in heaven above.
She taught me the meaning of Love.
I still miss her yet,
But my biggest regret
Is she didn’t teach me how to write limericks.

It breaks the poetical rules slightly, but for comic effect rather than through error! We loved the mixture of humour and kind-heartedness. Congratulations Steve Mainwaring, and thank you everyone who participated.

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