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The Great British Summer of sport

The Great British Summer of sport: 6 topical posts you won’t want to miss

Regardless of heat or sunshine, the Great British Summer has now truly arrived. If you’re outdoors playing sports, or indoors watching them, here are a few of our game, set, or match-related blog posts to keep you full of fun facts.

Anyone for tennis?

Whether you were on team Murray or team Federer, this has been a fantastic season for tennis. Learn more about the unusual language of tennis, and the origin of ‘deuce’ in this short Wimbledon-themed post.

Brassies, bunkers, and bogeys: celebrating the Open

Do you know your mashies from your niblicks? How about the difference between an albatross and an eagle? Score a hole-in-one with this piece on golf terminology.

Of chanceless innings and textbook shots: the language of cricket and what it says about the game

The cricket season isn’t over (pun intended), so there is still plenty of time to brush up on the weirder words and their cultural implications. Would you rather play an agricultural or a textbook shot? Find out here.

The language of the beautiful game (just don’t mention the S-word)

Have you ever wondered why football is called ‘soccer’ in US English? Find out about this and the origins of other football-related phrases.

Baseball: America’s national language?

Taking a quick hop across the pond, what’s America’s national pastime? This post makes the case for baseball by showing how this sport’s favourite phrases have migrated into business, politics, and personal lives. Never strike out on baseball language again!

Anyone for Quidditch?

Finally, for those with a preference for newer sports, don’t miss this article about the language of Quidditch. This sport was created by J.K. Rowling for her Harry Potter series but has now broken out into the real world.


From tennis and golf, to cricket and football: break out the Pimms and the strawberries (and perhaps also the umbrellas) and enjoy the rest of your summer.

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