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Wuthering Heights interactive text analyser

Explore the text of the Oxford World’s Classics edition of Emily Brontë’s masterpiece, and only novel, Wuthering Heights. Through the text analyser, you’ll be able to explore the relationships, love triangles, and bitter rivalries of one of the most revered novels of all time. Key words, such as ‘love’, ‘ghost’, ‘wind’, and ‘snow’ have been extracted for the purpose of analysing their frequency and use throughout the novel, and characters’ names have been picked out in order to see which adjectives are most frequently used in their descriptions, and with which words they are most often associated.

Wuthering Heights was first published in 1847 by Emily Brontë, under the pseudonym Ellis Bell. It tells the story of three generations of inhabitants of Wuthering Heights, a wild, haunting manor house set in the Yorkshire Moors. Brontë takes her reader through an emotional storm of love, hate, passion, sorrow, and contempt, through a set of characters described in an early review in the Examiner as ‘savages ruder than those who lived before the days of Homer’. Use our text analyser to learn more about this classic work of English literature.

Explore the Wuthering Heights text analyser.

Wuthering Heights

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