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Pride and Prejudice interactive text analyser

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Pride and Prejudice is one of Jane Austen’s best-known love stories, and one of the nation’s favourite novels, achieving second place in the BBC’s Big Read Top 100. You may think you know this novel inside out; you may know how many times Mr. Collins was asked to dine at Rosings Park or perhaps you can quote Darcy’s proposal word for word, but how well do you really know Jane Austen’s words? Read on for the opportunity to explore the text of Pride and Prejudice like never before…

Have you ever wondered how often the word prejudice appears in Austen’s novel? Or which character is most often mentioned next to the word happiness?

Using our interactive text analyser you can break down this well-loved novel to see which collocates (i.e. those words most often appearing alongside a given word) appear with words such as pride and marriage, discover the frequency of key words and character names in each chapter, and even read example sentences from the book. The analyser gives you the opportunity to dive into the text and explore it from a completely new angle.

Simply click on the image below to start exploring >>

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