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elite eight

March Madness: The Elite Eight

This competition is now closed.

We’re back with Round 2 of the Oxford Dictionaries Bracket Challenge, and the competition is heating up.

Saved by the bell, an expression I always assumed to have originated from a high school colloquialism thanks to the ubiquity of my favorite Saturday morning sitcom of yesteryear, trounced the formidable rough and tumble with an impressive 82% of the votes in the Sweet Sixteen. Meanwhile, there were close match-ups in the American Football and Baseball leagues, with run interference and righty eking out “Ws” in their sports—53% and 52% of the votes, respectively. We also bid a hearty farewell to strong contender in your face, an aggressive bit of smack talk introduced by basketball players in the 1970s, which succumbed to the mighty high five.

And with that, March Madness advances to the Elite Eight competition. With only one expression from each sport represented, the competition is fierce and the stakes are higher than ever. Vote in the poll below to usher your favorites into the Final Four!

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