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What were the most-viewed words in Oxford Dictionaries Online last month?

Well, you certainly had a comprehensive rummage through our free online dictionary last month, rooting out less common words, such as obstreperous and egregious, while also taking a closer look at some everyday essentials including run, get, and take.

Whether you were looking up words which can be tricky to spell, such as achieve, definitely, and environment (which all feature in our list of most common misspellings), or checking the difference between easily confusable words, such as complement and compliment and bear and bare, it’s great to see you put Oxford Dictionaries Online to good use.

From paradigm to paradox and leverage to luvvy, there are tons of awesome words to explore in our interactive word cloud. Which word do you think was the most-viewed word last month? Find out now …

Hover over the words to find out more, or click to see the full dictionary entries.


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