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Bridezilla is one of the new words added to

Bridezilla, NSFW, and bestie: schmick new words added to

We’ve managed to spare a few femtoseconds in our busy schedule to add some schmick new words to Whether you enjoy crafting, free running, or just surfing the Internet on your lappy, you’re sure to find something to interest you amongst the new additions.

The world of computers and social networking continues to be a major influence on the English language, with the introduction of badware, social graph, and network neutrality into our dictionary. And if you thought a breadcrumb trail was only useful to Hansel and Gretel – think again. The new additions also hint at the danger of sneaking a peek at the Twittersphere or other social networks whilst at work – not everyone is thoughtful enough to add the NSFW warning!

The new words aren’t all about technology though: fashion and relationships also play an important role. If you’re a bridezilla, why not start getting ready for the big day with a mani-pedi? You could also show your green credentials by wearing an eco-chic dress zhooshed up with some accessories. Let’s hope the groom-to-be doesn’t get man flu on the wedding day though, otherwise you may struggle to drag him from his man cave. At least you can rely on the support of your bestie, although the fact that she’s a recent dumpee might quell her enthusiasm for such a romance-laden event.

However, there’s no point in panicking. Instead, why not put your feet up or, better still, have a lie-down on your memory foam mattress, watch an old-timey film on your plasma TV, and relax? Because even if it all goes horribly wrong on the day, you may get the chance for a do-over in the future…

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