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feature phone

New words in OxfordDictionaries.com. Woot!

We’ve just added a buttload of new bloggable words to OxfordDictionaries.com. But watch out, the new additions to the dictionary are so exciting you may be tempted to let your jazz hands loose…

Fnarr fnarr! TMI coming into your feature phone

Everyone seems to have a feature phone today, making communication on the go even easier, with text, Facebook, and Twitter always at your fingertips. However, being constantly available to friends and family can lead to uncomfortable situations, whether it’s stifling that ‘fnarr fnarr’ when reading an inappropriate text at work, or cringing as your friends boast on their Facebook wall about their sexting antics (TMI!).

Misadventures in cyberspace

TBH, there is a serious side to all of this. Scareware causes problems for cybersecurity and cyberbullying is on the rise. You also have to be careful that your actions don’t end up in the rumour mill, especially if there are compromising photos of you letting your hair down and getting trolleyed! Clickjacking also means that one minute you can be searching for some photos of your favourite luchador, and the next you’re on a website with a host of models suffering from tanorexia and wearing mankinis.

Bajillions of bytes (or bites?)

Being connected to the technological world 24/7 can also deplete your bandwidth. Sometimes you need to take a step back from the hectic pace of modern life. So why not put a nice big dish of kleftiko on to simmer slowly while you listen to some folktronica or womble around your garden?

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